R & D



Introduction to CNF’s research and development

Has the highest level of R & D capability

CNF’s laboratory, with R&D center in Gunpo, is equipped with a research system suitable for global standard and making various efforts to improve product strength with experts in each field such as skin care, fragrance, herbal skin, safety efficacy, and mask. We have been establishing a management system of the laboratory to develop innovative formulation and product with the research development technology accumulated since its establishment as well as to manage quality.
In particular, we are not only equipped with the specialized researchers in each field to develop the cosmetics with best quality that anyone can trust and use , but also strive to become the best partner for our customers by researching the advanced technology to realize the beauty dreamed by the customer based on advanced experimental equipments, which are based on the research infrastructure that maximizes the effect of cosmetics.

  • Development of new product and analysis of new technology trend
  • Scientific and systematic management of product effect and efficacy
  • Filed patent and conducted product validation test
  • Obtain verification system from raw materials to final product
  • Development of safe and effective transdermal delivery system (TDS) for new type research and development
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The researchers with specialized knowledge in each field are divided into research planning team, product research team, efficacy evaluation team, and material development team and are concentrating on research considering that the power of research becomes competitiveness.
Through continuous research on nano-biotechnology and material engineering, CNF’s technology research center will continue to make progress to create the best cosmetics that lead the global era.