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Personal Information Collection and Use Policy

CNF, Inc (hereinafter “Company”) regards your personal information as important and observes Personal Information Protection Act
The Company follows its personal information policy to inform you the purpose and manner of the use of the personal information obtained from you and the measures taken for personal information protection.

1. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use
- Customer inquiries and answers to the inquiries

2. Personal Information Items Subject to Collection
- Name, contact number, address, e-mail address

3. Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information
- As a general rule, the Company retains personal information until the purpose of collection and use of the personal information are achieved, after which the information is without delay destroyed.

4. Refuse to Agree and Disadvantage
- The personal information providers have the right to refuse to agree to provide their personal information.
- If a personal information provider refuses to agree to provide your personal information, the Company might impos

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Applicant Information

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