Introduction to CNF product services

Sheet Mask
  • A face-shaped facial sheet mask with eco-friendly material sheet containing concentrated serum containing various active ingredients and gel.
  • Good for moisturizing, skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, dry skin, swelling, roughness, skin elasticity reduction, sagging, skin problems, gloss, and giving skin nutrition
  • A type with excellent effect and efficacy that you can feel straight after use
  • Has various technology that can commercialize various products according to the sheet fabric, serum, packaging film, and packaging specification.
  • Developed items : Developed according to the skin type such as face, T zone, U zone, forehead, eye, apple zone, neck, nasolabial fold, jaw, V line and chest as well as and skin problems
  • Hydration gel mask with ingredients extracted from nature, such as agar, konjac, carrageenan, and various vegetable gums.
  • Has excellent adhesion, good effect of delivering active ingredients, and outstanding skin penetration
  • Well delivered to face, good penetration, and highly effective formulation for soothing and cooling
  • The active ingredients with high concentration tightly wraps the skin giving a rich moisturizing power
  • Gel does not clog easily and the serum does not flow down
  • Developed items : Used the best ingredients that lead the trend such as 24K gold, pearl, snail, pig collagen, placenta, hyaluronic acid, hempseed oil, goat oil, and peptide similar to snake venom depending on the area with skin problems such as face, forehead, cheek, eye, neck, nasolabial fold, lips, jaw, U zone, T zone, and chest
Hydrogel Pad
  • The non-woven fabric supporting gel keeps hydration of the applied area by preventing rapid water evaporation
  • A gel pad type in which the effective nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin for a long time and melt naturally
  • Excellent skin adhesion and elasticity provide a comfortable fit to various parts of the skin.
  • The role of the non-woven fabric that protects skin from external pollution, harmful environment, and ultraviolet rays, keeps the moisture in skin.
  • Developed item : Developed according to the area of concern for various parts of the skin such as, forehead, eye, cheek, neck, nasolabial fold, jaw, U zone, T zone, chest patch, abdomen patch, thigh patch, forearm patch, diet patch and sport patch.
Hydrogel Patch
  • Has an exclusive technology of heat-moulding a plastic sheet to create a recessed space, and inserting gel into it, and covering it with aluminum for vacuum packaging.
  • It increases storability of the product, is hygienic and enables customers to see the product information intuitively
  • Visual entertainment can induce customers to buy instantly
  • Developed items : Developed according to the area of concern by skin types such as lips, eye, cheeks, moustache, and nasolabial fold
Film Patch(Nose Pack & ETC) (Film Patch)
  • Water-soluble film harmless to the human body enables the skin to absorb the active ingredients smoothly
  • An ultra-thin film patch with new concept is condensed with concentrated ingredients
  • The nose pack has excellent adsorption power that removes waste such as sebum and blackhead in pores
  • A patch type with easy pore cleaning, very convenient to attach and remove.
  • Developed items : Developed for caring areas with skin concerns, such as nose pack, moustache patch, acne patch, elbow, heel, and knees.
Bio Cellulose 6. Bio Cellulose (Bio Cellulose)
  • Natural raw polymer compound developed by bio-engineering by fermenting natural fruit water of coconut which is the fruit of palm tree
  • Its unique cooling effect and adhesion are excellent for cleansing skin and supplying hydration
  • High skin stability with vegetable ingredients, and a three-dimensional mesh structure minimizes the rate of losing serum
  • Developed items : Developed for caring areas with skin concerns nose patch, moustache patch, acne patch, elbow, heel, and knees
Hand Pack, Foot Pack, Foot Peeling, Hair Pack
  • It is a special care pack for body, which is developed as a pack with the shape of hands, food, hair, and nail, and is very convenient to use in daily life
  • Enriched in hydration and nutrition, it instantly provides skin change after use
  • Foot peeling is easy to wear and removes old keratin to make healthy and smooth feet
  • Developed items : Developed various shapes wearable such as hand pack, foot pack, foot peeling pack, hair pack, and nail pack
Shape Pouch
  • It is a high-quality pouch that maximizes aesthetic and visual effects by forming the shape of pouch in various ways to make it look real. It can be designed to make it easier to open the pouch by making the pouch with discharging part bulging or inserting dotted lines.
  • Various types of free moulds are available and can be selected according to the purpose, capacity and contents of the sample pouch. If you need a unique shape other than the existing free-mould, you can create a new customer mould.
ETC Product
  • Process : 씨엔에프 제품의 생산부터 판매까지
  • 고객 상담 의뢰 – 영업팀 1차 개발 협의 – (시장정보 및 방향성 정리) – 영업팀 2차 개발 협의 – (부자재 샘플 및 내용물 제안) – 신제품 개발 의뢰 및 계약서 작성 – (내용물 품평, QC, TEST, 부재료 TEST 및 디자인 확인, 문안검토 및 확인) – 내용물 및 부자재 확정 – 생산 및 QC – (원,부자재 입고 및 QC) – 포장 및 검수 – 제품 출하(물류)